Casey Hill

Since I was young I have had a deep passion for games and the interaction and community that comes along with them. To me, bringing friends, family and strangers together over a game is a unique experience and one that allows creativity to blossom. My background is in small business consultation.

Doug Hill

Doug is the former CEO of AEP, a multimillion dollar electronic packaging firm that operated for over 25 years in Southern California. Doug brings to the table a diverse array of industry knowledge and acts as a chief partner and consultant at Hill Gaming Company.

Tyler Hill

Director of R&D
Tyler is a physicist and professional Magic: the gathering player. He brings his love for competition and analytic skills as a developer and consultant at Hill Gaming Company.

Joshua Cairos

Joshua is an industry pro, working for game publishers such as Fantasy Flight Games. He was responsible for the Orc and Dwarf clan cards and Desolate, Conquest, Negotiations, Thievery and the Arkon city scene.

Martin de Diego Sadaba

Graphic Designer
Martin was a wonderfully talented graphic designer and is responsible for the richly detailed card bordering you see on all the card fronts!

Mari Kolkowsky

Packaging Designer
Mari is a brilliant packaging designer with deep industry experience in the high fantasy genre. Mari is to thank for the beautiful card packaging that you keep your cards in!

Mobo Boehme

Mobo is responsible for many of Arkon's stunning compositions, including the elf and human clan cards, Arcane Insight, Change of Fate, Shifting Allegiances, Tactical Reversal, Peace and Sabotage.

Shawn Sheehan

Motion Designer
Shawn is a talented and experienced motion designer and illustrator. He also teaches digital art and animation in his home town. He is responsible for animating the rich, detailed artwork of the world of Arkon.

Francesca Baerald

Cartographer and the artist responsible for the beautiful and deeply detailed map of the Wildlands that you see prominently featured on all the card backs!