Arkon is a fast paced, non-linear strategy card game that employs a unique bidding based resource system and multi-use cards!

  • Game Duration: 15-30 minutes
  • Players: 2-4
  • Primary Mechanics: Multi-use cards, Bidding
  • Similar Single-Deck Games: Karmaka, Star Realms, Monopoly Deal


Game Play

In Arkon, players assume the identity of a mysterious outsider and vie for control of the fractured clans of the Wildlands. Arkon creates unique gameplay through a number of dynamics. First, all cards have multiple ways in which they can be played, which creates more options and strategic depth. Second, with Arkon we wanted to take a novel look at resource systems. Unlike conventional systems we wanted something that had more tradeoffs and created more interaction and that is what led us to bidding. With bidding, all players are involved on every turn. Finally, Arkon is a game where your decisions matter but you are never out of the game - there are a variety of cards that swing the game back in your favor. Creating this careful balance between implementing comeback effects, while not making the game luck-contingent on draws, was a careful balancing act. We are glad to have team members like Tyler Hill, gold level professional Magic the Gathering Player, to guide us!
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